Eva's nursery is almost done!

Baby headquarters progressing nicely!
Out and about on my birthday.  
Picked up some fresh threads for Eva.

Our New Cherokee!!!

Someone's very happy with her new SUV!!

Lookin' good!
Ahhh, that new car smell...

Christmas 2014

A special ornament for our new roomate arriving in the Spring!

 The calm before the feast!

 Flakin' out! (Snowflake Lane festivities, Downtown Bellevue)

 Our house from a distance.  New snowflakes this year.

Hangin' with mom before her surprise birthday dinner.

23 1/2 Pounder?  Zoinks!  I believe that's a record!

Showered with gifts

Snowflake windows

New additions this year: Bright red star & color changin' trees!